6option was established in the year 2013 by experienced brokers as an online binary trading platform. It is one of the best and safest platforms for trading online, offering great education tools to clients in order to help them understand how the financial market works. The 6option platform offers investors the ability to trade more than 90 types of assets with multiple expiry times and works with Islamic accounts. In addition to excellent around-the-clock service and fast profit withdrawal, traders have a access to range of money management options, designed to control their desired level of risk and maximize profit.

Why you should choose 6option

6option is a comprehensive trading platform that offers a wide range of tools to assist new traders as well as experienced traders in achieving their trading goals. 6option is among those few exceptions that do hire real professional educators and market analysts.

One of the main advantages traders have when choosing 6option is the one-on-one trading guidance and free trading signals the team offers to its Premium and VIP account holders.

I tried to find some negative points on this brokerage to make this review seem less biased but there really is none to be found, 6option has such an extensive range tools and features and the platform is fast, seamless and user friendly its hard to not give credit to a job well done.

6option Withdrawals

The process of withdrawal is fast and the customer support by phone is available in english, spanish, french and portuguese. The trading platform also supports a variety of different languages.

Bonus Packages

The bonus range comes from 50% up to 150%. 6option offers a welcome package allows you receive a welcome bonus of 150% on your first deposit, which is far more than the average broker offers. After the welcome package the bonus requirements are as follows

  • Deposit from $250 – $999 => 50% Bonus
  • Deposit from $1,000 – $4,999 => 75% Bonus
  • Deposit from $5,000 – $19,999 => 100% Bonus
  • Deposit from $20,000 => 150% Bonus

Account Types

Starter Account ($250 – $999)
The Starter is the introductory-level account offered and designed specifically for users who are new to binary options trading. This account allows traders to begin trading with less capital and keep risk exposure to a minimum.

The Starter account is suited for traders who would like to keep investment levels low and still be able to access the full functionality of educational centre. The Starter account provides traders with access to free tutorials, a basic introduction by phone as well as around-the-clock access to our highly-qualified customer support team.

Standard Account ($1000 – $4,999)
The Standard account offered by 6option is geared towards the more experienced traders who have some previous experience in trading on the financial markets. The Standard perfect for clients who wish to enhance their trading skills as it is designed specifically for individuals who wish to improve their skills and develop a particular trading style and strategy.

The Standard account includes all the benefits of the Starter account including higher bonuses, daily and weekly market reviews as well as access to valuable trading strategy videos.

Premium Account ($5000 – $19,999)
The Premium account on 6option is aimed to the more sophisticated and skilled traders who have previous exposure to trading on the global markets and have a higher capacity to take risk in pursuit of higher profits.

Premium account holders at 6option can expect to receive the highest level of support boasting a wide range of benefits, including even higher bonuses, personal assistance from Top Financial Market Experts as well as enjoying access to news and beneficial analysis articles.

Vip Account
The VIP account, which is the most prestigious and luxurious account type 6option has to offer and it is tailored specifically for highly experienced traders and wealthy investors who have the greater capacity to take risk in pursuit of higher gains.

VIP account holders at 6option receive the highest level of support and includes all the tools and benefits offered by Starter, Standard and Premium account Types. The VIP account is basically the “Ultimate Trading Package”.

In addition to the top notch resources, VIP account holders enjoy higher deposit and trade limits, higher bonuses and unlimited free access to all features and areas in the trading platform. VIP account holders also enjoy more flexibility in trading and quite a few other special features.

Islamic Account
Out of respect to their Muslim clients, 6option offers an Islamic account option which complies with Sharia Law and does not operate under elements of Riba. No commissions, interests or fees are charged to Islamic account users.

This type of account allows traders to hold a position without being charged and therefore operate under the Sharia laws. 6option does not charge any additional fees for Islamic accounts, nor do we enable trading on margin.

Islamic account holders at 6option can be assured that they will enjoy the full range of benefits extended to our Standard and Premium account holders, including support from a Personal Account Manager who is trained in relevant cultural aspects and restrictions related to Islamic Accounts. Their local Muslim processors may allow Musharaka donations, but this is restricted to the allowed agents by 6option and the financial processors.

6options Signals

The signals offered by the 6option platform are some of the best signals I have come across in the binary industry, giving traders pre-plotted support and resistant levels, trend direction and its all integrated seamlessly into the platform so you wont have to be switching screens or windows, wasting valuable time. The pre-plotted support and resistant are the real gem of the signals service as most technical market analysis (such as price action) relies on accurate support and resistant levels and how price reacts to these levels.


The Signals are available to the Premium and Vip account holders. We highly recommend you give this service a look as it is a valuable trading tool that will enhance your ability as a trader.