Banc De Binary is probably the most famous brand in the binary options industry. Founded way back in 2009, it quickly expanded and attracted a lot of traders with its great deals and offers. This broker has done some groundbreaking things for the whole binary options industry and is held in high esteem by every experienced trader. You simply cannot miss it if you are looking for binary options and there are obviously some very good reasons behind that fact. Banc De Binary Ltd. offers highest return on investment (91%), highest bonuses (100%) and huge maximum investment per each trade. It is definitely a broker that you can trust if you plan to start trading with binary options due to its impeccable reputation. In this Banc De Binary Review we will highlight the main features of the platform and give you an overview of what you can expect if you choose Banc De Binary as your broker.

Banc De Binary holds a key milestone in binary options trading development. It was the first broker ever to be licensed by the CySEC. Since CySEC is a part of European MiFID regulations, this makes Banc De Binary the first binary options broker to be recognized by the European Union. This fact alone reduces the possibility of scams to zero. The word banc in the Banc De Binary title is not there by mistake, either, as Banc de Binary Ltd. is actually giving an interest rate of 2.5% to traders that are depositing $ 50 000 and more.

Banc De Binary can even provide you with a personal broker from the Wall Street to give you advice and share with you strategies on how to capitalize on binary options trading.


Banc De Binary is also offering a free demo account to its traders after initial deposit. With it, you can test absolutely every aspect of binary options trading this broker has to offer and see for yourself why Banc De Binary enjoys a legendary status in the industry. Another attractive fact to the traders is that you can withdraw money from your account if you do not like the platform or you think that binary options are not for you without any fee and if you did not accept any sign up bonus. We have covered this topic in a much more detailed manner, and everything you need to know about Banc De Binary Withdrawal is in the link. Speaking about bonuses, Banc De Binary is giving 100 % bonus which merits the industry’s top standards.

Another factor which places Banc de Binary a head and a shoulder above the competition is that its trading platforms are second-to-none in the industry. They allow advanced traders to construct their trades up brick-by-brick, and their analytic tools aren’t just numerous, they’re powerful in the sense that they work well with various complex binary options trading strategies.
The tradable asset selection is superb too, so binary options traders can always find something interesting to spice up their trading. Actually, there are more than 200 available assets from over 30 countries worldwide, some of which are country specific so you can only trade them during daytime business hours in their native country.
There are four types of platforms offered in total (Digital Options Pro, Long Term, 60 Second Platform and Pairs), so not only you can find an asset you want, you can even trade it in the way you want. From a short burst of value of an asset which can be used to make money literally within a minute, to a long and very well thought out plan, you can plan absolutely anything in order to make some significant profits.

Bonus? Hell Yeah!

Banc De Binary Ltd. is providing its traders with the bonuses of up to 100% of your initial deposit. The process of making a deposit is among the safest in the business because it uses SSL encryption technology to protect the clients. The types bonuses depend on the type of the account that you choose, so make sure to deposit wisely and choose an account type that will bring you the desired and free amount for trading binary options. To find out more about Banc De Binary Bonus and get special bonus of 120% please click here.

Education has always been a key focus for Banc De Binary and is a key way in which they interact with clients. The firm has invested in a series of cutting-edge educational tools which include an expansive selection of videos, blogs, and a comprehensive e-Book which are all available for free on the website so anyone interested can take a look. They also offer, exclusively for clients, a step-by-step educational training course, regular trading webinars, and daily analysis from the investment research team. Higher tier account holder will also benefit from the complementary trading signals from licensed technical analysts. Banc De Binary’s education centre is probably the best proof you can get about how much this broker actually cares for its clients.

Background Check

Those who register an account at Banc de Binary will be able to choose from a number of account options, depending on the amount of money they’re putting into their trading efforts at the site. Each account tier provides the trader with some specific options to help them make as much profit as possible. You can read all about it in our Banc De Binary Account Types review.

With the minimum deposit set for €250, beginners will be able to dabble in the world of trading for a relatively accessible amount, while in the same time bringing a pretty decent bankroll to the table from the get-go. The deposit can be made in many ways, including credit cards, Moneybookers, bank wire etc., with multiple bonuses for first time traders. You can learn about that in our Banc De Binary Minimum Deposit article which also contains some other useful information. Those who deposit more than €50k will become premium members, enjoying every perk the broker has to offer, including actual, personalized advice from successful traders. Special, Islamic trading accounts can be set up at the site too, so there is no doubt that this broker invests a lot of effort to keep every single client satisified.

Other thing that differentiates Banc De Binary from most of the brokers is that you can actually manually control your risk by choosing how much you want to risk on a single trade. Traders who have patience to earn their profits in a longer period then possible are the ones who are standing firmly on the ground and do not get carried away by the potential huge success and they rather take it step by step by choosing smaller payouts, but with bigger insurance percentage. So, for example, you can have 20 % of your investment returned to you if your trade was not successful. Sounds fair enough!

As we have already mentioned, Banc De Binary has become one of the most famous brands in the industry and has done a lot to promote this kind of trade. Their record in this business is absolutely spotless and the traders constantly keep confirming that in their online comments and reviews. There are absolutely no reports of scams or mistreatments of the clients, whatsoever.
As a matter of fact, Banc De Binary has received numerous awards from various institutions, such as World Finance, Binary Options Daily and many others, for their excellent service and safety they provide to traders from all around the world. A significant portion of these prizes came because of their customer support which does its best to provide all clients with the best possible care. It is no wonder then that those same clients hold Banc De Binary in such high esteem and that this broker has reached such a status in the binary options community. To put it simply, they have absolutely deserved it.


Banc De Binary is a name that became almost synonymous with binary options trading and is one of the pioneers in the business. Numerous awards and huge experience are a guarantee that this reputation is not unfounded. Their great customer service combined with a superb platform and attention to safety has made the clients extremely happy. From complete beginners to seasoned experts, everyone can find something for themselves with this broker and there is no doubt in our mind that if you are looking for a new binary options broker, you should choose Banc De Binary. You simply cannot go wrong with them.